Parent Perks 101

We want Parent Perks to be easy for everyone to access, so if you are at all confused about how it works, here is the process step-by-step.  

1.  Head on over to our Facebook

2.  Click the "like" button.

Make sure you opt to both "Get Notifications" and are "Following" us, because you want to make sure you get the Perk Release alerts right away.

***Please, please, please do not skip this step.   When the bags are released people get very upset if they aren't notified of things.  You won't necessarily be notified by the Facebook page if you aren't getting notifications***

3.  Post on our wall stating, "I want my Parent Perks!" 

4. Head over to our mailing list and add yourself:

That's your official registration.  People that aren't on the list won't be able to get a bag.  Please note, we do NOT share our mailing list with any sponsors and your information will not be sold.  

5.  Keep your eye on our Facebook page and on your email... you never know when a Parent Perk will turn up!  Our sponsors will have flash giveaways and you will be able to get  sneak peaks at some of the goodies that will appear in the Parent Perk Gift Bags. 

But most importantly:

Keep your eyes open for PERK RELEASES! 

You will be notified of Perk Releases in two ways:

- Email
- On the Facebook Page

After the Winter 2014 Gift Bag, we determined that the Perk Releases will most often be through the blog using the Rafflecopter widget.  When bags are released this way, you will have 48 hours to sign up for a Perk Release.  You must sign up using the Rafflecopter Widget. 

Here is what a Rafflecopter Widget looks like while the contest is still active:

To enter using Rafflecopter, you must complete the tasks it requests of you.  To do so, you must be logged into your Facebook account. 

Once you've completed the tasks, you have entered.  You can get a max of 4 entries, and you should complete ALL of the tasks.  If you only complete 1-3 of them, you will have lower odds than others at winning.  Since you must confirm all of the tasks, you may as well. 

Releases will be posted on the Facebook page AND emailed. You will have 48 hours to sign up. 

6. X amount of bag recipients will be chosen completely at random using Rafflecopter.  Once the maximum number of bags have been claimed, we will contact you to confirm via email.

*Please note: you will be contacted on the email connected to your Facebook account, which is the email dress that is stored in Rafflecopter. It's a good idea to use the same email address when you sign up for the mailing list so that all of your Parent Perks emails will go to the same account.*

7.  At appropriate date, time, and location, you go pick up your bag. Bring a piece of ID with you to confirm your identity.  

That's all, folks!