About Parent Perks

What is Parent Perks? 

Parent Perks prepares and distributes gift bags full of fabulous perks for parents. These gift bags are 100% free to parents and contain coupons, gift cards, product samples, and full-sized products from Vancouver and Canadian based businesses.   Products vary from items for kids and babies, to perks that are just for mom and dad. Parents pay zero dollars to get a Parent Perks Gift Bag. Sponsors pay a small fee to participate and have their goodies in the bags.

Who can get a Parent Perks Gift Bag?

Vancouver and Lower Mainland parents are eligible for a Parent Perks Gift Bag, with a limit of one bag per family, per season.

As of Summer 2014, we also have added a separate Surrey/Langley bag as well. The same rules apply.

How much do the Parent Perks gift bags cost parents?

Zero dollars. The bags are 100% free for parents.

How do I get a Parent Perks gift bag?

To get a Parent Perks Gift Bag, you must first join the Parent Perks Facebook group.

Post to the wall: "I want my Parent Perks!"

Head over to our mailing list and add yourself.  That's your official registration.  

*People that aren't on the list won't be able to get a bag.*  

Please note, we do NOT share our mailing list with any sponsors and your information will not be sold.  
There will be a limited amount of gift bags each season, probably 100-250 total.

Once you are on the list, you'll be eligible for a gift bag.  You can get one Parent Perks Gift Bag per family, per season, so up to four in a year.  There will be a different Parent Perks Gift Bag each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and we will have several pick-up locations throughout the city of Vancouver, as well as a separate bag for Surrey/Langley.

Does everyone who signs up get a gift bag? 

Not necessarily, as the bags are available in limited quantities, so keep your eye on the Facebook group... we will release bags at "Perk Releases" in increments of 15-20 based on pick-up location.

When are you distributing the gift bags?

The gift bags will be available for pick-up once per season. The official launch of Parent Perks will take place in mid January 2014, with our first gift bag.  Between now and then we want to get as many parents and sponsors excited about it as possible!

What is a "Perk Release?"

A Perk Release is a mini- event where parents can pick up their free Parent Perks Gift Bag. It may happen at a local community centre, coffee shop, or other location.  It will happen on a specific date, at a specific location, and between a small window of time (1 hour).  Perk Releases will happen in different areas across the city, based on which areas people live in.  You must reserve a spot as soon as the Perk Release is announced so that you can reserve your bag.  Once you've signed up and been accepted to that Perk Release, all you have to do is meet us to get your gift bag, absolutely free!

How do I find out about the Perk Releases? 

Keep your eyes on the Facebook page... Perk Releases will be announced via mailing list and Facebook.  We will post the Perk Releases and you must post on the announcement as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  Once you've signed up and have been accepted to that pick-up location, all you have to do is meet us to get your gift bag, absolutely free!

What happens at a Perk Release?

It's simple.  You sign up for the Perk Release, and confirm your RSVP with us.  Then you simply show up, show us your ID (so we know it's you!), get your gift bag, and off you go. It's really that easy!

I'm scared I will miss the Perk Releases!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page, or sign up for our mailing list, as we will hint when the Perk Releases will be posted.  There will generally be 5-6 releases over the course of a two-week period.

Do I have to live in Vancouver or Surrey/Langley to get a Parent Perks gift bag?

No, but you do have to be able to pick the bag up in Vancouver OR Surrey/Langley.  We are serving parents and families that live and/or do their shopping in the city of Vancouver.  If you live somewhere else in the Lower Mainland, but are able to pick up your Parent Perks gift bag in Vancouver, that's totally fine.

Do you ship Parent Perks gift bags?

Not yet.  Bags must be picked up at one of our pick-up locations.

Who is behind Parent Perks?

Parent Perks is mom-run out of my tiny apartment in downtown Vancouver.  I'm a work-at-home mom of a three year old and expecting baby #2 in January 2014.  I've been blogging for years and now I'm finally trying my hand at my very own business.  I love free things and supporting local business, and I know you do too, so I suspect Parent Perks will be very popular!

As of Spring 2014, I have partnered with Kathy, a friend and former coworker of mine, and she will be in charge of running the Surrey/Langley bag.

I have a Canadian business and I want to be a part of this, how do I do that?
Fabulous! Please email us at parentperks@gmail.com and we will give you all the information you need.

***UPDATED JUNE 2014*** We are adding some new Frequently Asked Questions Below:

Why do you release so few bags?
Why can't everyone on the fan page get a bag?
Why are there only 100 bags being released? 

We run Parent Perks out of our apartments to keep costs down. We do not have any commercial office space or storage space.  The number of products we receive and the number of bags we can release is limited to the number of space we have in our homes to store the products as they arrive, and the completed bags.

Will you be expanding on the number of bags in the future?

If Parent Perks stays popular, which we hope it will, then yes.  Our goal is ultimately to expand.

Why isn't Parent Perks in my town/city? 

Parent Perks was started by Monika in Vancouver, and then expanded to Kathy in Surrey/Langley.  In the next year, we will be expanding to other areas as well.