Monday, October 28, 2013

Play the Game; Secure Yourself a Guaranteed Parent Perks Gift Bag!

In the last blog post I talked about how only 100 Parent Perks Winter 2014 Gift Bags will be released, and I offered some tips on how you can increase your odds of getting one.  I also mentioned some games that would be up and coming to help you secure a guaranteed bag for yourself.  Guess what? It's almost game time!

Read carefully, because I'm going to describe the rules of the first game below.  I want people to have a chance to read them over before launching. Our first game is called:

Extreme Sponsor Trivia!

Are you excited? Here's how it will work.

-  I will post a Rafflecopter widget on the blog.

-  The Rafflecopter entries will be trivia questions.

-  In order to enter, you must answer ALL the trivia questions... correctly! You will be able to answer the questions by seeking the answers out on various sponsor webpages and Facebook fan pages.

-  The trivia questions must all be answered in order to be entered, but there will be a few more additional ways of entering that will unlock once you've entered the questions.

- You will be able to gain additional entries EVERY DAY for the duration of the game!

- After 10 days, I will pick a random winner using Rafflecopter.  I will check the winner's answers, and if they are ALL correct, they will have a bag put away for them during bag pick-up so they won't have to scramble to get one through a Perk Release!

Some important terms:

1.  You can only win ONE of these contests, as there is a limit of one bag per family.

2.  You must be able to pick your bag up at one of the scheduled pick-up locations. If you fail to show up for your scheduled pick-up, your bag will be forfeited and released to another winner.

3.  No cheating or sharing answers on the Facebook page!

So keep your eyes open, because Extreme Sponsor Trivia is going to be starting any day now...

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