Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vancouver Summer 2014 Gift Bags Release #1

It's time for the first release of the Vancouver Summer 2014 Gift Bags!

We will be releasing 15 bags this Sunday, June 15th, at the West End Car Free Day Festival. One of our sponsors, Avon in Vancouver via Chris, has generously offered to let us do bag pick-up at her table. We will also be giving out free popsicles, as well as some other goodies, so even if you don't win a bag this time around, come check us out!

You can enter for a chance to receive a bag at the bottom of this email but first, here's the info:
Release #1 (15 bags total)
Sunday June 15th
1pm to 2pm
West End Car Free Days
Avon Table 
(The table should be in front of or near the Big Dog Little Dog Bakery, at 985 Denman St)

Please remember the rules before entering:

Only 15 bags will be released at this event.  Here's how it's going to work.

READ VERY CAREFULLY-- You must follow instructions exactly or risk forfeiting your chance at a bag for this round. 

1. In order to get a bag, you must be a fan of Parent Perks on Facebook AND you must be signed up for the mailing list.  I will be checking both of these things and your bag will be released to someone else if you don't meet this criteria.

- The fan page is here:
- The mailing list sign up is here:

2.  You MUST show up for pick-up at this date and time if you reserve a bag.  Not showing risks forfeiting your bag for this round of bags (all of Summer 2014).  If you are selected and can't make it, you must contact me ASAP so I can delete your name and allow someone else to take your place.

3.  Only one bag can be given per family.  I won't be doing background checks to confirm, but this is based on the honour system.  One bag per family/couple, per season.

4.  Only the person who signed up can pick up the bag. You'll need to bring your driver's license or some other picture ID during pick up.  You cannot send a friend or family member to pick up for you, please don't ask and make me be the bad guy telling you no.  If you can't make this pick up you will forfeit your bag.

*** I will not be making arrangements for people to pick-up bags at other locations or times. ***

5.  Please come on time. If you come early we won't be there, and if you come late it will be too late.  I'll only be at the location for the exact hour listed on the ticket. I'm unable to accommodate early or late pick-up.

Sorry to be so incredibly strict and bossy; I'm just trying to keep it fair for everyone as there are a limited number of bags each round.

If you understand the rules, enter below:

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