Friday, July 4, 2014

Cheekychops Sleep and Parenting Consultants

How do your little ones sleep? If things aren't going as well as you'd like, check out Cheekychops. Their Sleep and Parenting Consultants provide insight and step-by-step support.

You get personalized, one-on-one assistance, and relief comes sooner than you think. They can answer the questions that keep you up at night and support you to make the changes that need to be made. Every child and every family is unique. They don't judge you or your child. They work with you to make sure you have the knowledge and tools you need to be a more confident parent.

With guidance and support, your whole family will benefit night after night and day after day from much-deserved sleep. You will feel more connected with your family, more optimistic and more confident.

Sleep and parenting services include: In-Home Consultation, Phone or Skype Consultation, Consult Calls, and Potluck Parenting Parties.

Marnie Huard (Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack)

Sharon Garcha (Surrey, Delta, Richmond)


  1. Cheekychops is one of our Surrey/Langley Summer 2014 Gift Bag sponsors. Look for their 10% off voucher in your bag!